My thanks to all those who have provided content for this site and who have pointed out possible content from the Web, as well as to all those members of the official forum who have given encouragement and support.


My particular thanks to Todd Brunel, whose response to my original request for permission to use a few photos from the Aled Jones Yahoo Group has surpassed all expectations. Todd has provided the majority of videos and photos to date and remains committed to providing further content for the site when opportunities arise. Without Todd’s generousity and enthusiasm, this site would not have come into being.

Also special thanks: to forum members Matt and 'squit', who have both made video recordings we'd otherwise have missed available to us for the site; to Ric (forum member 'Alexandro'), who provided me with an urgently needed English-German translation service at very short notice; and to John St Dominic for Ely May Day recordings.