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Choirboys-dedicated sites

OPEN .: Choir Boys - Official Site :.
The 'official' Choirboys website. Not surprisingly.
OPEN The Choirboys Official Forum
The online spiritual home of all Choirboys fans! Run by the fans, for the fans.

The Choirboys (2007): The Carols Album

Andrew Swait

OPEN Andrew Swait
Andrew’s official website
OPEN Cheltenham College Junior School
Andrew’s school and where he is a chorister.
OPEN Andrew Swait on BCSD
Andrew’s page in the Boy Choir and Soloist Directory
OPEN Surplice requirements
A Telegraph article from 2005 on ‘the unusual but rewarding life of a choral scholar’, focusing on Andrew Swait as a Tewkesbury Abbey chorister.

Bill Goss

OPEN Bill Goss on BCSD
Bill’s page in the Boy Choir and Soloist Directory
OPEN St Olave’s School, York
Bill's school and where he is currently a chorister.
OPEN Belmont Grosvenor School
Bill's former school and where he first became a chorister.
OPEN Verse And Chorus
The award-winning Harrogate Youth Choir of which Bill is a member.
OPEN The Turn of the Screw de Benjamin Britten
A review, in French, of the April 2007 Belgium production of Turn Of The Screw, in which Bill Goss played the part of Miles. For a machine-translated English version, click here.

William Dutton

OPEN William Dutton on BCSD
William’s page in the Boy Choir and Soloist Directory
OPEN Paul Dutton on BCSD
Boy Choir and Solist Directory page on William Dutton’s father, Paul, who was Head Chorister at Leeds Parish Church in the early seventies and is now Choirmaster of St Mark's, Harrogate.
OPEN St Mark’s Church, Harrogate
. . . where William Dutton is a chorister.
OPEN The Magic Flute
Official website for the forthcoming Kenneth Branagh/James Conlon film production now showing across the UK, in which William Dutton plays the role of First Boy.
OPEN Just one Cornetto
November 2006 article from the Yorkshire Post on William Dutton’s selection as BBC Radio 2 Chorister of the Year. Read the article to find out why it has so many ice-cream related puns.

The Choirboys’ (2005) Cathedrals

OPEN Ely Cathedral

Find out more about the work of Ely Cathedral (Patrick’s and CJ’s cathedral) and its music tradition and consider supporting its Music Appeal or ordering a choir CD online from the Cathedral Shop to help ensure this tradition is sustained for the glory of God and for the pleasure it will bring to future generations, both of listeners and active participants.

OPEN Southwell Minster
Find out about the work of Southwell Minster (Ben’s Cathedral), visit the Choir Recording page to listen to selected tracks and, likewise, consider supporting the work of this great cathedral by buying a CD - no online ordering, but phone orders are accepted.

News and Media

OPEN Choirboys sign £500k record deal (02/09/05)
Story as told by CBBC Newsround.
OPEN Treble ahead (02/09/05)
Guardian Unlimited ‘Culture Vulture Blog’. Readers’ commenting include a school friends of Ben and two who later became regular members of The Choirboys’ Forum.
OPEN Choirboy band on course for stardom (03/09/05)
On Yahoo! Music
OPEN Choirboys follow in Pavarotti's footsteps (03/09/05)
A report from Cambridge Evening News on Patrick’s and CJ’s selection for The Choirboys.
OPEN The 5-Minute Interview: Ben Inman (03/09/05)
‘How would you describe your new hairstyle?’ ‘Like a jungle! It's all over!’ From The Independent
OPEN Choirboys land £500k record deal (03/09/05)
BBC News Online report.
OPEN Choirboys sign £500k record deal (03/09/05)
A report on A Cappella News.
OPEN ‘I'd give her a roast!’ (undated)
An interview, probably best described as ‘random’, from Channel 4.
OPEN Aled has musical youth on side (05/09/05)
A short report from Wales on Sunday.
OPEN Minster chorister heads for stardom (05/09/05)
Report from Southwell Minster on Ben's being chosen as on of The Choirboys.
OPEN Aled's boys in record deal (05/09/05)
A short report from the Daily Post, based on comments from Aled Jones.
OPEN Choirboys land record deal (10/2005)
Report from the Ely Ensign (p.32).
OPEN Angels with perky faces (09/10/05)
An interesting and in-depth article from The Sunday Times, analysing the significance of The Choirboys phenomenon.
OPEN Choirboy band tipped for No 1 (17/10/05)
From Cambridge Evening News.
OPEN Choirboys and Westlife set for Christmas battle (19/10/05)
From Manchester Evening News.
OPEN Choirboys gun for Westlife hopes (19/10/05)
Another report from BBC News Online.
OPEN Choirboys challenge big boys at Christmas (19/10/05)
Short article from The Evening Standard.
OPEN It’s the Choirboys vs Westlife in the race for the Christmas No.1 (19/10/05)
HMV press release.
OPEN Choirboys and Westlife set for number one battle (19/10/05)
Report from website of Northern Irish broadcaster UTV.
OPEN Choirboys and Westlife set for Christmas No. 1 battle (19/10/05)
Apparently from The Mail on Sunday (even though the date is a Tuesday).
OPEN St Cecilia concert on BBC TV Children in Need (21/10/05)
Advance announcement from Southwell Minster. The part of the concert which actually featured on TV was The Choirboys’ performance of Tears In Heaven.
OPEN The Choirboys (22/10/05)
Comments on the boys on Hayley Westenra’s forum.
OPEN Ely Cathedral News (11/2005)
The Choirboys are mentioned in ‘Music Notes’ on p.2, as well as in the article ‘The Choirboys in Concert’ on p.4.
OPEN The Choirboys in concert (11/2005)
The official poster for the 2005 Southwell and Ely concerts forms the last page on Nifty Notes - the Diocese of Southwell’s internal clergy circular.
OPEN Meet youngest boyband (03/11/05)
Well, yes, the Choirboys even appeared in The Sun. Only the first two sentences appear online, but there's a nice photo, though.
OPEN Album Review (04/11/05)
From MSN Entertainment.
OPEN Choirboy stars in King Kong film (09/11/05)
Report from BBC News Online on Ben’s part in the soundtrack of this blockbuster movie.
OPEN Voice of an Angel (11/11/05)
Article on local boy Ben Inman from the 'Local Bands' section of the BBC Nottingham website. Includes a streaming audio link to a BBC Radio Nottingham interview with all three boys.
OPEN Choirboys concert at Southwell Minster is sell-out (17/11/05)
Report from the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham.
OPEN The Choirboys pray for Christmas No.1 (18/11/05)
From The Mail on Sunday
OPEN Choirboys vs Westlife (20/11/05)
Short article from Top Of The Pops, describing Ben as a ‘cocky little bleeder’..
OPEN Voices of angels fight for top spot (21/11/05)
Cambridge Evening News. Focuses on Patrick and CJ.
OPEN England on song (22/11/05)
BBC Sport Online report on the England cricket team’s charity single. Brief mention of The Choirboys as part of the ‘stiff competition’ faced by Trescothick and co.
OPEN Why we are better than Westlife (24/11/05)
I thought that would be obvious . . . Anyway, it’s a report from The Telegraph.
OPEN Stars eye festival top slot (25/11/05)
Cambridge Evening News publicising the December 2005 Ely concert.
OPEN Angelic voices and a devilish masterplan (25/11/05)
Yorkshire Post Today - ‘Getting a word in edgeways as they jump from one topic to another like demented grasshoppers is virtually impossible’
OPEN Top spot hope for Choirboys (29/11/05)
Report from Cambridge Evening News on the album-launch signing events in Cambridge.
OPEN Ely Cathedral News (12/2005)
‘The Choirboys Update’ is on p.1.
OPEN Choirboys chart their way to success (12/2005)
Ely Ensign (Ely Diocese), see p.23
OPEN DJs back choirboys for seasonal top spot (6/12/05)
A report from Cambridge Evening News on local radio DJs backing of The Choirboys.
OPEN Choirboys draw record audience (07/12/05)
A report from Cambridge Evening News on the sell-out response to The Choirboys concert in December.
OPEN Gold Disc for Ben Inman (08/12/05)
Report from Southwell Minster.
OPEN There’ll be tears (12/12/05)
Top Of The Pops interview with Ben of The Choirboys and Spike of The Quireboys.
OPEN Choirboys take on TV (15/12/05)
Another report from Cambridge Evening News.
OPEN Friday Night Is Music Night factsheet (16/12/05)
Notes the boys’ appearance.
OPEN Top Of The Pops: Show Snaps (18/12/05)
Bizarrely captioned slide show featuring two photos of the boys.
OPEN Songs Of Praise factsheet (18/12/05)
Notes the boys’ appearance with Hayley Westenra to sing Do You Hear What I Hear?
OPEN Songs jostle for Christmas crown (20/12/05)
A BBC News Online rundown of the contenders for the coveted Christmas no.1 spot.
OPEN Rock's bad boys take on the voice of angels (20/12/05)
Cambridge Evening News report on The Choirboys and The Quireboys.
OPEN Choirboys hoping for festive cheer (20/12/05)
Manchester Evening News - ‘We’re walking in the air, we’re floating in the moonlight dustbin’. Follow this link to read this comment in context!
OPEN On a high note (23/12/05)
From - Aled being the Welsh connection.
OPEN Choirboys slip in race for Christmas top spot (24/12/05)
Cambridge Evening News report. The album outsells the single.
OPEN Howard Goodall’s Christmas Concert factsheet (25/12/05)
Notes The Choirboys’ performance of Walking In The Air.
OPEN Let’s Hear it for the Boys! (01/2006)
A magazine article covering The Choirboys, Alex Prior and Joseph McManners from the January 2006 issue of Young Performer, published by Stagecoach Theatre Arts.
OPEN Aled: I listen to pop more than classical (31/01/06)
icWales article in which there is some discussion of The Choirboys.
OPEN Number one for bands - from Pink Floyd to Katrina and the Waves (04/01/06)
Cambridge Evening News reports on the city as ‘a hotbed of musical talent’, and tries to stretch the city to include Ely and The Choirboys.
OPEN Children's choir seeks next singing sensation (11/01/06)
Cambridge Evening News on recruitment for what became the Ely Imps. And if your child joins the Imps, he or she might just become as famous as The Choirboys.
OPEN Choirboy star, Ben Inman welcomes would-be choristers (17/01/06)
Diocesan press release about Southwell Minster Choir open day.
OPEN Choir Open Day: 4 February 2006 (06/02/06)
Report from Southwell Minster on this recruitment event, which included a question-and-answer session with Ben on his experiences with The Choirboys.
OPEN Home Sweet Home (09/02/06)
From Tokyo FM. The boys performed Tears In Heaven on a programme called Beautiful. The occasion is marked is the programme’s blog. The link here is to an automatic translations by Google.
OPEN Desert Island Discs factsheet (05/03/06)
Notes guest Jack Higgins selection of The Choirboys’ Danny Boy as on his choices.
OPEN Heaven and Earth Show factsheet (26/03/06)
Notes the boys’ performance of Pie Jesu.
OPEN Royal Albert Hall concert for Southwell chorister (03/04/06)
Advance notice from Southwell Minster of The Choirboys’ appearance at the SOS Classic Response concert.
OPEN Heavenly voices on song (05/04/06)
Cambridge Evening News. Advance publicity for the Ely May Day concert.
OPEN Choirboys' album among Brit award nominations (11/04/06)
From Yorkshire Post Today.
OPEN Choirboys and G4's charity gig (13/04/06)
Cambridge Evening News. Advance publicity for the Classic Response concert. Not only do The Choirboys have Cambridgeshire links, SOS Children, the charity the concert is in aid of, is based on Cambridge.
OPEN Friday Night Is Music Night factsheet (14/04/06)
Notes the boys’ appearance.
OPEN ‘A cathedral without a choir is like a body without a soul’ (17/04/06)
Cambridge Evening News interview with John Rutter on preparation for the Ely May Day concert and Music Appeal.
OPEN DVD of chorister life at Southwell Minster (18/04/06)
Promoting the promotional DVD, which aims to recruit boys to the Minster Choir and includes a segment on Ben in The Choirboys.
OPEN May Day date for golden wonders (26/04/06)
Cambridge Evening News publicising the Ely May Day concert. Includes some comments from Ben on their Japanese promotional visit.
OPEN Choirboys’ Rutter Premiere Sells Out (02/05/06)
A report from Cambridge Evening News on the Ely May Day Concert.
OPEN Minster Choir’s visit to Scandinavia (12/06/06)
A report from Southwell Minster.
OPEN The Minster Choir abroad (06/2006)
A diary report from one of the choral scholars on the Scandinavian Tour.
OPEN Songbird's flying visit (07/07/06)
A report from Cambridge Evening News on Hayley Westenra’s visit to Ely for the end of term events at The King’s School, in which The Choirboys also participated.
OPEN Songs Of Praise factsheet (27/08/06)
Notes the boys’ performance of Let There Be Peace On Earth

The Choirboys on other sites

OPEN The Official Ben Inman website
Coming soon . . .
OPEN The Choirboys Sneaky Boys Game
Choose to play either as Patrick, CJ or Ben and try to sneak a whoopee cushion onto the vicar's chair without being seen. The game is so bad that it's good - and it never explains why the vicar's wearing a choirboy's ruff and bishop's mitre! This is actually part of the 'official' site, but, strangely, there are no links to this page from the main site, so I thought I'd better mention it here.
OPEN The Choirboys website for Japan
The link here is for the English translation courtesy of Google. Well worth a read: ‘The inside of the world observes already! In classical crossover boundary. Small new hero birth. Worldwide beginning! Boy soprano band and debut of healing.’ Debut of healing? Right . . . but it's more up-to-date than the UK site.
OPEN Val Fancourt
A page on The Choirboys on the website of one of their former managers.
OPEN The Music Partnership
A page on The Choirboys on the website of another of their former managers.
OPEN Samon Promotion
A page on The Choirboys on the website of their Japanese managers.
OPEN Boy Soprano
Entry on The Choirboys on
OPEN Wikipedia
Brief article on The Choirboys from the world’s most famous online encyclopedia.
A few paragraphs introducing the boys.
OPEN The Boy Choir & Soloist Directory
Entry for The Choirboys. There are also individual entries on Ben, Patrick and CJ.
OPEN We're Backing The Boys!
A4 poster (PDF) promoting the Tears In Heaven single.
OPEN Tears In Heaven poster
"Put The Choirboys single in someone's stocking this Christmas and help the NSPCC and Children 1st" - a PDF file, but Photoshop gurus may like to click here to have fun with the hi-res JPEG version.
OPEN The Choirboys single for Christmas No. 1!
Page promoting the boys on the website of Children 1st - the NSPCC’s Scottish sister organisation.

Before they were famous

OPEN inQuire (Summer 2003)
Piece on p.2 by Patrick on his first radio broadcast service as a chorister. inQuire is published by Chelmsford Cathedral Choir Association. Patrick was at Chelmsford before coming to Ely.
OPEN Minster School News (March 2004)
Picture of Ben (p.2) enjoying his prize of afternoon tea after finding one of the Golden Tickets.
OPEN Minster School News (July 2004)
See p.6 for a picture of Ben at the Northern Choir Schools Association Annual Combined Evensong and Sports Festival. Southwell lost.

Other sites of interest

OPEN All Angels
The official website of All Angels, who perform with The Choirboys (2007) in O Holy Night, the first track on The Carols Album.
OPEN Blake
The official website of Blake. The Choirboys (2007) performed live with Blake at a concert at St James’s, Picadilly and on This Morning on ITV1. They’re cool!
OPEN Aled Jones
The official website of the 2005 boys co-manger and advisor. When it comes to being a boy singing sensation, he's been there, done that and got the . . . woolly jumper.
OPEN The Aled Jones Fan Club
Yahoo group - registration required to participate. It is largely because of Todd, one of the moderators of the Aled Jones group, who has generously provided so much content, that this Choirboys website has come into being.
OPEN Hayley Westenra
The official website of New Zealand singing sensation who features on The Choirboys’ (2005) album (Do You Hear What I Hear?) and has appeared with them live on several occasions.
OPEN Bryn Terfel
The website of the operatic bass-baritone, who joined with The Choirboys (2005) for a memorable performance of Panis Angelicus on ITV’s Parkinson show.