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Featured Videos

NEW BBC Points West (25/04/08)

A report on Andrew Swait prior to his appearance at this year’s Classical Brits, where he will be performing with Sarah Brightman.

Songs Of Praise (6/04/08)

Will Dutton performing You Raise Me Up on BBC1’s Songs of Praise.

BBC Look North (19/02/08)

William Dutton talking about his part in The Magic Flute, as well as the National Children's Orchestra, in which he plays the violin, and his fund-raising performances for the NCO's forthcoming tour to Ischia and Rome.


WATCH | SAVE The West Today (04/2007)

TV interview with Andrew Swait just prior to his unexpected trip to China to sing to the International Olympic Committee.

SAVE BBC Radio Gloucestershire (07/11/07)

An interview with Andrew Swait on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, on 7th November 2007.

Andrew performed on April 23rd at the Presidential Villa in Beijing to an audience consisting of the IOC and a private list of dignitaries from around the world.

The event was to celebrate Samsung's signing of its sponsorship deal for the Beijing games. Andrew was to represent their image of the games as embodied by Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince: Peace, Unification and Dreams.

He was asked to do the concert at the last moment and had only three days to prepare for the trip and performance!

SAVE Songs Of Praise 3 (4/11/07)

William Dutton on BBC1's Songs of Praise, singing Panis Angelicus with Emma Whiteley, fellow BBC Radio 2 Young Chorister of the Year 2006.

WATCH | SAVE The Carols Album (10/2007)

The promotional video for the Choirboys Christmas 2007 album - our first flavour of the Carols Album and of three new Choirboys: William Dutton, Bill Goss and Andrew Swait.

Video Archive

2.8 MB | 6.3 MB Songs of Praise 2 (27/8/06)

The Choirboys perform Let There Be Peace On Earth in Lincoln Cathedral.

Although not broadcast until now, this was actually recorded on 25/11/05, on the same occasion as their performance, with Hayley Westenra, of Do You Hear What I Hear, which formed part of the Christmas edition of Songs Of Praise.

4.6 MB Purcell's Evening Hymn (12/05/06)

A fan video of Ben singing at the Music In The Great Hall concert at Southwell Minster.

6.5 MB A Chorister Life 1 (05/2006)

The first part of this Southwell Minster promotional video, which aims to recruit boys to the Minster Choir.

In this installment, we learn about the everyday working life of Ben Inman and his fellow choristers, and hear the attributes which are sought in a potential choirboy.

3.8 MB | 9.0 MB A Chorister Life 2 (05/2006)

This, the second part of the promotional video from Southwell Minster, focuses on their star chorister (now Head Chorister) Ben and his fame through the Choirboys.

4.8 MB | 10.6 MB A Chorister Life 3 (05/2006)

This instalment of Southwell Minster’s promotional DVD focuses on the Minster School and ‘JD’, its unique Junior Department.

2.8 MB | 6.8 MB A Chorister Life 4 (05/2006)

In this, the penultimate part of the Southwell Minster promotional video, we see the important social side of chorister life.

5.5 MB | 14.0 MB A Chorister Life 5 (05/2006)

The final instalment from the Southwell Minster Choir promotional DVD. Message to parents: “Give it a go. You could be denying your child something that will set them up for the rest of their life.”

3.0 MB | 29.7 MB May Day Report (27/05/06)

See The Choirboys at work and at play in this report by German Choirboys fan Ric on the Ely May Day concert.

The report includes exclusive footage of the boys warming up in the morning in the Choirhouse, as well as the afternoon’s rehearsals in the Cathedral and the boys having a kick around (not while wearing those suits!) between the rehearsals and the evening concert.

4.8 MB The Heaven And Earth Show (26/03/06)
The boys on the Mothers' Day edition of The Heaven And Earth Show
4.7 MB LK Today 2 (16/03/06)
The boys’ second appearance on LK Today.
1.9 MB The Boys Speaking Japanese (02/2006)

The boys speaking Japanese - or, at least, trying to!

This may well become one of those classic Choirboys clips and was, of course, made during their February 2006 promotional visit to Japan.

0.2 MB Japanese TV Commercial (02/2006)
The Choirboys album is launched in Japan on 8 February. (Can anyone provide a translation?)
4.4 MB Celebrate Oliver (27/12/05)
With Hayley Westenra, Amy Nuttall, Aled Jones and Joseph McManners
5.7 MB | 21.9 MB Nadolig Aled (25/12/05)

The Choirboys singing Panis Angelicus on Welsh-language TV station S4C. No, they don’t sing it in Welsh, although we do hear Aled introduce them in his mother tongue.

Special thanks to Bev from the Aled Jones forum, who videoed this and kindly agreed to lend us her tape, and to Todd for doing the electronic capture.

4.5 MB Norwich Midnight Mass (24/12/05)
The boys second contribution to the service
4.5 MB Norwich Midnight Mass (24/12/05)
With Hayley Westenra
4.4 MB Parkinson (24/12/05)
With Bryn Terfel
4.5 MB This Morning
The boys sing
4.8 MB GMTV 2 (21/12/05)
The boys singing with Hayley Westenra
4.5 MB Today with Des & Mel (19/12/05)
The boys sing
4.8 MB Songs of Praise (Lincoln) (18/12/05)
The boys perform with Hayley Westenra on a Christmas edition of Songs Of Praise from Lincoln Cathedral and presented by Diane Louise Jordan
4.6 MB Top Of The Pops (18/12/05)
The boys sing as the snow falls around them.
4.5 MB Christmas Mania (17/12/05)
The boys appear with Aled Jones, singing the same song which made him famous. Followed by a short interview with Aled, by Girls Aloud.
5.7 MB Beauty Killed The Beast (16/12/05)
Ben starts singing at 1 min 54 secs. Nothing to say about this one apart from . . . wow!
5.6 MB The Choirboys in London (16/12/05)
A report broadcast on BBC East Midlands Today and BBC Look North (Leeds), following the boys on a day of TV and radio appearances in London before Christmas. An excellent report kindly provided for the site by the BBC.
3.8 MB | 8.7 MB Calendar (12/12/05)

A report on The Choirboys’ bid for the Christmas No.1, focusing on Ben, from the local news programme for ITV Yorkshire.

4.4 MB Blue Peter (05/12/05)
The boys talk to the team and are presented with their gold disc after 100,000 copies of their album are sold in just one week.
4.8 MB | 11.5 MB Toonattik 1 (12/2005)

The first of two instalments of clips from the boys’ appearance on the ITV1 and CITV weekend morning kids’ show, Toonattik. The phrase ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous’ comes to mind.

5.7 MB | 15.7 MB Toonattik 2 (12/2005)

What did one toilet say to the other? If you don’t know, watch this clip in which CJ is crowned King of Comedy.

4.5 MB BBC Look North 3 (30/11/05)
Yet another interview with Peter Levy, in which Ben discusses the odds for getting the Christmas number one and says 'Hi' to his mum.
1.9 MB TV Advert (Universal) (27/11/05)
‘Their debut album - out tomorrow!’
2.7 MB TV Advert (WHSmith) (11/2005)
‘Their debut album - out now!’
0.9 MB TV Advert (HMV) (11/2005)
HMV Offer of the Week
4.5 MB Children In Need (18/11/05)
This brief extract from the concert in Southwell Minster was broadcast as part of the BBC Children In Need evening.
4.6 MB BBC Look North 2 (17/11/05)
Peter Levy interviews Ben once more, this time about the King Kong soundtrack. Includes footage of Ben making the recording at Air Studios, Hampstead.
2.8 MB | 6.8 MB East Midlands Today 3a (17/11/05)

A report from the lunchtime bulletin on Ben recording his part for the King Kong soundtrack.

4.7 MB | 12.4 MB East Midlands Today 3b (17/11/05)

A report from the early-evening bulletin on Ben recording his part for the King Kong soundtrack.

4.5 MBLoose Women (2/11/05)
With voiceover announcing the day's competition winner . . .
4.8 MB LK Today 1 (27/10/05)
The boys’ first appearance on LK Today.
4.4 MB GMTV 1 (27/10/05)
Short interview and live performance of the track from the single.
3.8 MB | 10.9 MB Look East (18/10/05)

An excellent report on Patrick, CJ and The King’s School, Ely.

Not much to say about this video, except that it’s “very, very, very cool. Ow!”

4.8 MB | 11.1 MB East Midlands Today 2 (22/09/05)

One of a series looking at schools with a bit of a difference, this report is about the Minster School in Southwell.

The Minster School, I think, is unique in this country, in that, although the Minster's choir school, it is in the state sector and is basically a high school with a junior department for the younger choristers and other muscially gifted children.

By the way, have you ever had a penguin round for tea?

2.9 MB | 6.7 MB Newsround (09/09/05)

Another very early news appearance by The Choirboys on this iconic BBC children's news programme.

Reporter Lizo gives a report on the boys and interviews them in Ely Cathedral.

4.7 MB Five News (09/2005)

Another early September news appearance. A short introductory film, followed by a valiant attempt at interviewing Patrick and CJ. (This should have been with all three boys, but Ben was held up in traffic.)

4.5 MB BBC Look North 1 (5/9/05)
Presenter Peter Levy interrogates Ben Inman live on air - "You sound quite posh to me!" Includes a short film report with footage of official photo shoot and Ben at home.
2.8 MB BBC East Midlands Today 1a (05/09/05)

A report on the lunchtime news.

2.8 MB BBC East Midlands Today 1b (05/09/05)

A longer version of the same report from the early evening edition of the programme - “Psalm boys have all the luck . . .”

(Oh, and the wind instrument Ben plays is, in fact, a tenor horn.)

4.7 MB China News 2 (??/2005)
Another report from China News, which includes a few seconds of footage of the actual recording of the boys’ single, at All Saints’ Church, Tooting.
4.7 MB China News 1 (??/2005)
A report from China News. See the boys arguing and fighting!
4.5 MB Songs of Praise (Ely) (14/11/04)
Patrick’s and CH’s first (presumably) appearance on Songs Of Praise, as Ely choristers in pre-Choirboys days. Patrick is easy to spot (look out at about 1 minute in). We don't get such a close view of CJ, but he is there. When we see both groups of choristers together towards the end, CJ is in the right hand group, back row, third from the left.

Audio Archive

6.2 MB BBC Radio Nottingham 3 (MP3) (19/02/07)

Ben’s interview on BBC Radio Nottingham Breakfast about his retirement as a treble and his plans for the furture.

1.0 MB Nunc Dimittis (MP3) (20/12/06)

A fan recording of a CJ solo from this ‘gruelling’ Arthur Wills setting.

0.9 MB In the Bleak Midwinter (MP3) (20/12/06)

A fan recording of a CJ solo of the first verse of this Christmas favourite.

9.1 MB Vox dicentis: Clama (MP3) (20/12/06)

From BBC Radio 3’s live Choral Evensong from Southwell Minster. Ben Inman is the treble soloist.

4.5 MB Where'er you walk (MP3) (14/05/06)

A fan recording of a solo by Ben Inman at the launch concert of this year’s Music In The Great Hall series at Southwell Minster.

4.7 MB An Evening Hymn (MP3) (14/05/06)

Another fan recording of a solo by Ben Inman at the launch concert of this year’s Music In The Great Hall series at Southwell Minster.

4.4 MB BBC Radio Nottingham 3 (MP3) (11/05/06)

Ben Inman and Paul Hale (Southwell’s Rector Chori) doing an interview to promote last Sunday’s Southwell Minster concert.

Although a short part from the middle of this interview is missing, Ben's contribution, at the beginning and the end, is complete.

1.0 MB Dona Nobis Pacem 1 (MP3) (1/05/06)

A fan recording of the world premiere of this piece written especially for the boys by John Rutter and performed at Ely Cathedral, May Day 2006.

The recording itself is obviously of variable quality due the circumstances in which it was made, but it will give fans an idea of this new piece. Unforunately the first few seconds are missing in this recording.

1.0 MB Dona Nobis Pacem 2 (MP3) (1/05/06)
A recording of the piece made by another fan.
0.9 MB Panis Angelicus (MP3) (1/05/06)
A fan recording of the first piece the boys performed together.
0.8 MB The Lord Is My Shepherd (MP3) (1/05/06)
A fan recording of this, which was the second item in the boys’ programme.
3.1 MB Friday Night Is Music Night 1 (MP3) (14/04/06)
The boys were guests on the Good Friday edition of Friday Night Is Music Night. This is the first of the four songs they performed.
3.6 MB Friday Night Is Music Night 2 (MP3) (14/04/06)

This is the second of the songs they performed.

3.3 MB Friday Night Is Music Night 3 (MP3) (14/04/06)

This is the third of the four songs they performed.

4.9 MB Friday Night is Music Night 4 (MP3) (14/04/06)

Panis Angelicus - the show’s finale.

1.1 MB Desert Island Discs (MP3) (10/03/06)
Guest Jack Higgins selected one of the Choirboys songs.
0.5 MB BBC Radio Nottingham 2 (MP3)
An interview with Ben about the recording of his part in the King Kong sound track.
0.9 MB BBC Radio Nottingham 1 (MP3)
An interview with the boys for Ben's local BBC station.
1.3 MB BBC Radio Essex (MP3)
An interview with the boys for Patrick's local BBC station.